Even though M & R Monument Company has found its niche as the premier memorial company for unique design and outstanding personalization, M & R is deeply rooted in traditional memorials and working closely with families to find the "Right" memorial regardless of their budget. You will always be able to find prices on either end of those shown. The price is always dependent on size, color, granite quality, style, carving and other important factors. The listed prices, however, are averages and you can fully expect to find many quality memorials in these price ranges. When planning a funeral on a budget you may also want to look at our wide selection of Cremation Urns.

Flush Marker -These markers are designed to be placed at ground level for easier cemetery maintenance. Typically these markers are 20" to 24" long and 10" to 12" inches in width for a single person. A double marker can run from 30" to 48" in length with variable widths.

Bevel Marker - Most people will recognize a bevel marker as it sits above ground and the back is slightly (1" to 2") higher than the front. The lengths and widths are similar to the flush markers and are usually 6" to 8" high in the back.

Slant Face Marker is designed to keep within certain budget restrictions, but still can be seen from a greater distance than the other markers. While the length of the slant is the same as the flush and bevel markers the height is usually 16" in the back and slant" toward the ground.

The Upright Memorial consists usually of two pieces. The tablet is where the name and design are usually found. The tablet can be any size, shape, color and style and have any type of engraving. The tablet sits on a granite base which elevates and protects it from damage due to equipment at the cemetery. There are so many variables when considering a Monument it is difficult to give an average price. However, the purpose of these prices is to help you understand what to expect as you consider a memorial. We'll start with some beginning prices followed by average higher end prices.

The "Feature" and "Estate" Memorials are those which are usually purchased to cover multiple graves for entire families. The only restriction in size and uniqueness are those imposed by your cemetery based on the number of graves you own. While it is difficult to state a starting range for this category, it is certainly not uncommon for prices to range from $25,000 to $100,000 or more.

Our hope is, with this general information in mind you will be able to start the selection process for "Your" memorial, and you can now do so with the confidence that you have some basic understanding of memorials and their pricing. The challenge now is to choose a company you trust and feel confident has the ability to provide a quality Memorial regardless of how much you choose to invest.